Hi there! I’m Alan Williams and i started the Side Hustle Project. I live in Cape Town, South Africa and I like all things business, ideas, (experience) design, service design, cooking, music, movies, cycling, fishing, classic cars, traveling, family time. (And getting caught in the rain.)

Why i started this project and how it can help
It’s about the dream. I had it too. I still have it. And I’ll help YOU live it. You have this great idea. You have this dream of running your own business. Or.  You want a side hustle as an extra income or just because you love doing it. And keep your day job.  “A real sales pitch!”, he says to himself.

The truth? It’s a lot easier said than done.

I decided to start this website dedicated to side hustles. I intend it to be a roadmap detailing where to go and in what order for maximum success. My hope is that it will provide a valuable resource to beginners and well-seasoned side hustlers who just need a good reference website.

I don’t believe in any secret ingredients, but instead I focus on doing the right things over a long period of time, which will inevitably lead to greater results. This website and the blog posts that will follow will focus on the different aspects of side hustles that I’ve found will produce great long-term results. Each on its own should be a good resource, but together they will make a blueprint for your entrepreneurial success.

Things may change over time
Since businesses and ideas change constantly I would assume at some point this website would have outdated material. With that in mind, I will attempt to share general theory on how a specific skill, idea or principle works, instead of specifically about a tool or website. I will use websites and ideas as examples and case studies but my hope is to teach skills and not give a direct reference to a tool or a way of working that may not be around in ten years.

The basic principles of finding your market, targeting it correctly, and getting in front of the right customers will be true regardless of what niche will be controlling the sales at any given time.

You may disagree with me
Starting a side hustles is a broad topic and interpreted so differently by a variety of experts. There are so many techniques that it would be impossible for me to write a guide and have it accepted by everyone. With that in mind feel free to disagree with me. would welcome feedback, corrections, or additions you feel are necessary.

Side Hustle Project
Hustling is what makes us alive. So join me and let’s share ideas and learn from each other.

Thank you!
Thank you for being part of The Side Hustle Project.  We’re in this together!
And…..enjoy what you do and have fun!